What is the program all about?

Here is how David describes what Love The Final Chapter is ALL about…get ready!

“I’m going to be teaching what I’ve learned over the last 5 years about relationships and dating - and bringing in a group of my friends who are brilliant teachers…to teach how to REALLY create powerful intimacy that lasts. If you haven’t met “her” yet, then this program will be a game-changer for you. If you’re already in a relationship, then it will be MORE of a game-changer - really.

As men, we seek FREEDOM and POWER in our lives. When we don’t feel it, we don’t feel good about ourselves. Underneath all of our striving is often the feeling of powerlessness and lack of freedom with women in general - or with our individual partner.

Double Your Dating was all about taking back the power as a man, and controlling your own destiny when it came to getting dates. This new program is about taking back your power and controlling your destiny in your RELATIONSHIP - and for the rest of your life.

It’s a paradox that getting into an intimate relationship with that most amazing, special woman could actually begin to feel like it is taking away our power...but the reality is that it will feel that way to you, and it can have a massive negative impact on your life…if you don’t know how to navigate through the terrain successfully.

And also, very paradoxically…once you find that special woman, everything you learned about how to create attraction and chemistry can STOP working, and start BACKFIRING on you.

There’s a new paradigm, and a new set of tools and methods to win the bigger and higher game of love and relationship.

This truly is the ULTIMATE set of tools to create more freedom and power in your life…that will last you forever”.

You can learn more by watching this video.


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