My journey with this program

Hi David, I'm sure you get guys e-mailing you with all kinds nonsense so I hope you read this. I wanted to thank you for the man transformation dvd you released as It has helped me immeasurably in the last 5 years. Amongst other things it gave me the confidence to speak to my dad about things that happened in my childhood, since then my whole life has changed. It gave me a freedom that I could not have imagined and brought an honesty to our relationship that I could not have previously imagined. It gave me the confidence to re-organise my life. I made some financial investments, changed jobs and enrolled on an MBA programme at Cass Business School - a development detour. More than that it has helped me feel empowered when things have got really rough and given me hope with my personal life. I am 38 years old and have not found my perfect 10 yet, but I have just started re-watching it again for some inspiration. I am recovering from a nervous breakdown that was triggered by an abusive boss 5 months ago and am deciding what to do next with my life. Sometimes it is the only place to go but I know it will always deliver. It makes me feel that I do not need to settle for 2nd best and that one day I can be happy and fulfilled. I appreciate what you have done for me. I hope you're still taking the stairs (not the lift) too and from your office / apartment and all the best in your dating and professional life.
Martin B. from London U.K.

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