Inner game

Since I joined the inner circle, I've been really hitting the inner game material very hard, and have been making huge advances from the material.  The insights could not have come at a better time - it is helping me make major life decisions using courage to decide on which direction to head in life professionally. It's amazing that this material isn't just for dating, but for life in general. 

I have been following David D through his newsletters for a few years and have found his "research" (I'm coming from a scientific background, hence the quotation marks) to
be spot on and precise. It's amazing how comprehensive and encompassing his programs cover nearly every aspect of life. It's almost like cheating 'personal development through fire' - you get to learn through his mistakes and excel exponentially without the majority of natural setbacks. 

What's really been cool is seeing how his program has grown over the past few years, and seeing each new aspect to dating/life be honed in on and studied. 

I look forward to continually delving into the material and practicing it live. David has done a wonderful job synthesizing programs that bring clarity and solidity to something that would not come as naturally to me. 

Keep on with the success!
Byron H.

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