What is the program about?

It’s taken David literally YEARS to make friends with a group of guys who are arguably the BEST in the world when it comes to women and dating.

He's learned so much from these guys personally, and he wanted to figure out how to bring their secrets to others… so he started INTERVIEWING these guys individually, and getting them to share how they do it… in their own words.

And let me tell you, HE DIGS FOR THE GOLD!

He's busted out so many interviews with amazing men and women, that there’s far too much to list here — but let me just give you a SAMPLE of what you’ll get in just the first 3 interviews:

We start you off with Dr. Paul,

Here are just a few of the secrets he shared:

  • How to get rock-solid confidence with women even if you tend to be a shy kind of guy
  • How to take the pressure off yourself when you meet a new woman (so you come across as cool and collected)
  • How to tell a woman’s personality type the instant you meet her — and how to tweak your communication to fit her type so she feels magnetically drawn to you
  • How to banish the wuss inside you — and how to make friends with the shadow inside yourself — so you can unleash your ability to attract women… and boost the confidence you enjoy in EVERY part of your life
  • How to have mature boundaries with women and why telling women “no” will EXPLODE your success in dating and life
  • and MUCH more…


To read more about the Interview series, click the link below:


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