What is the program about?

This program takes you through a training process broken down into 3 phases called Inner Game, Interaction and Intimacy. You'll learn quickly and easily how to be successful with women, dating and more... You will TRANSFORM into the man who really understands attraction, women and know how to handle any situation with a woman.

Learn how to permanently eliminate your repressed limiting beliefs and blocks. If you get nervous with women and can’t figure out why, it’s likely something below the surface - there’s a simple, powerful exercise to exterminate your fear forever, a surefire way to keep yourself from feeling helpless with women and in life in general. From now on, you’ll know what to say and do in any situations, whether it is related to love and dating, or simply life in general. 

David also teaches hi famous 11 Acts Of Attraction for Men in Man Transformation. You’ll get the holy grail of 11 instantly usable techniques of attraction that will allow you to skillfully steer your encounters with women into positive and lucrative interactions. This truly is a transformational program that will help you to be the best YOU, you can be.  

Other items you'll learn:

1. The #1 big secret to fast and successful Man Transformation. In the years I’ve been teaching this stuff, I’ve seen a lot of guys FAIL because they didn’t do just this one simple thing. You’re going to learn it here and make it happen)

2. A surefire way to keep yourself from feeling helpless… with women and in life in general. From now on, you’ll know what to say and do… in situations of life and love

3. The 5 things you need to do to scientifically increase your chances of landing a high quality woman (Women are biologically programmed to look for these 5 things in a man, so listen up)

4. One simple thing that any man can do that helps a women subconsciously want to get physical with him

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