What is the program about?

Wherever you are right now in your life, whether you have had one date or a thousand, my programs can help you up-level your game to take you to the place you want to be.

When you sign up for The Mega Vault, you’ll have every program I’ve ever created - right in front of you:

Advanced Dating Techniques
Learn how to INSTANTLY trigger attraction in any woman, and have the power to walk away and leave her begging for more.

Deep Inner Game
New breakthrough discovery in psychology helps you eliminate the anxiety, nervousness, and FEAR that are destroying your chance with women - it’s time to take control of your emotions and transform yourself into the kind of powerful, confident guy women are desperately looking for - and this is the program that’ll do it.

On Being a Man
Learn how to become the powerful man you were meant to be... and start attracting the women you were meant to be with. Become a NATURALLY more attractive guy by following the simple steps laid out in this program.

Become Mr. Right
There’s one thing that a quality woman wants to know when she meets you - “Are you Mr. Right?” Become that man by combining these inner-game attraction techniques with cutting-edge methods for creating the kind of relationships that bring out the best in you... and that keep her with you for good.

Man Transformation
Here’s how to transform yourself into a man who can attract and KEEP a woman who is a “Total 10” - a 10 on the outside and a 10 on the inside. This is a complete “inner game” and “outer game” training program created to transform your success with women.

Cocky Comedy
Learn how to use the powerful combination I call “Cocky Comedy” to not only make a woman laugh ... but also make her feel a gut-level ATTRACTION for you she can’t deny...

Body Language
Discover how to use your Body Language to communicate with a woman “directly” ... in a way that will get her to notice you, feel attraction for you, and even APPROACH you ...

Approaching Women
A program for every man who has ever been afraid to approach an attractive woman. Learn how to approach a woman in any situation ... and never regret what COULD have been ever again...

Meeting Women Online
Stop struggling to meet quality women online. Learn the “insider secrets” to using the internet to set up date after date... so you'll never again have to leave your house to meet an attractive woman.

Meeting Women In Bars and Clubs
Here’s the true story of how I went from not even being able to TALK to a girl in a nightclub... to literally being able to go to any bar or club at any time... and meet as many beautiful women as he wants. And how YOU can too...

77 Laws of Success With Women and Dating
Here are my VERY BEST concepts, techniques, and ideas ... delivered to you in a rapid-fire, “affirmation style” that not only teaches you the material ... but subconsciously burns it into your brain ...



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