What is the program about?

In this program, you will learn how you can approach a woman in any situation and never worry about “what could have been”. You will learn the secret lines and field-tested tactics for starting conversations with women. You will also hear from great guest speakers who will teach you how to overcome your fear, be confident & stop feeling sorry for yourself. They will teach you how to get out of your head, stop the negative self talk, and give you great tips & advice they have used in the field to approach & get women.

You will find out the best places to meet women, how to approach them, how to tell great stories & overcome your fear of rejection. This program will help you succeed in this part of your life so that you have success in all aspects of your life. You will also discover the 12 big no-no’s that kill any approach instantly (a mistake even the “naturals” make), and how to completely reprogram your subconscious to turn yourself into a machine that approaches any woman… anytime… in any situation… without even thinking about it.

Other items you'll learn:

1. The one word to say at the very beginning of your approach that doubles your chances of being successful

2. The 10 things that prevent you from approaching women - broken down and explained. If you’re having problems starting conversations with women I'm sure the reason is on this list… and I will show you a quick and easy way to eliminate it

3. The universal mating signal all women give off when they want a man to approach them (the only sure-fire way to know when it’s ON)

4. 12 Big No-No’s that kill any approach instantly (even naturals make one of these mistakes every once in awhile… so listen up)

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