I bought your Advanced series...


I bought your Advanced program immediately after I finished reading your E-book in January. I could tell from your newsletters that you knew what you were talking about. The extent into which you’ve explored this topic is worthy of a PhD degree. I’ve done everything that you’ve been teaching, and I’ve had phenomenal success in an extremely short amount of time. I’ve even read many of the books that you’ve recommended. Pre-January, I had 1 date every 1 or 2 months. Now: Everyday, if I want with women of all walks of life… models, Harvard graduates, college students, you name it. I meet women everywhere from the bus stop, the library, coffee shops and grocery stores. These days I can walk away from a party with 8 e- mails/phone numbers very easily. I’m having the time of my life. Thanks Dave for improving the quality of my life 1000 fold.”

– DPL, North Carolina

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