Can I Reach David D?

YES.  I literally have thousands of guys writing me every week and I do my best to respond to some requests in my newsletters and sometimes on my Facebook page. Please realize though it's just not possible for me to help everyone personally by sending an email or calling.  

I DO read your questions AND success stories so KEEP THE EMAILS COMING!


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    Samuel Meriwether Smith

    In 1969, following my first divorce and as a minister, I was often the listener to people's problems and compared my own to theirs. Several that I counseled caused me to actually study why people have good marriages and why some are a disaster. As a result, I wrote a small book called, "MARRIAGE: Delight or Disaster." It featured stock photos I bought rights to publish on the cover showing a couple happy at their wedding and a second showing them obviously arguing. It was copyrighted Sept 1969, Up Way Publications. It went through two or three short-run -500 copy printings and I got any testimonials that it helped save marriages, helped make right choices in Dating  and whether a marriage on the rocks could be saved or would it be a worthwhile effort.  For several years, it was out of print and meanwhile, though I tried to heed my own advice, I suffered two more divorces and saw what I did wrong and what could have prevented either the choice I made of her or whether I wanted too much to please her. After suffering through 14 years of singleness, I allowed pastor friends to introduce me to a Filpina still living in the Philippines, flew over there, was grilled intensely by six (6) of her pastor-friends as to why I was already divorced 3 times, and by telling the exact truth and having some documents to back me up,  they all said I was right in the law and in God's law.

    We married in a 1 hour and 46 minute long ceremony with all the candles, ropes, and other goodies. But our wedding night I discovered two things I had been deceived on and another the first time I saw Striae — Pregnancy stretch-marks — which doctors say can ONLY be caused by having a baby and not by getting fat — not even excessively fat. Long story short, Various things she said and that I observed her doing, I felt sure she was likely to be unfaithful while I was back in the U. S. and awaiting her Visa approval to come to me. I told her I would forgive her if she made sure she considered the guy to be my proxy. While she never admitted anything had happened during that time, after she got here, the time came when I detected good evidence she had just been unfaithful, which she denied, but asked my permission to do it with him later. I have learned the hard way, I should NEVER have told her it would be OK. (Dr. Bob Jones, founder of Bob Jones University had a saying posted inside the door of my Dormitory room, "It is NEVER RIGHT to do something WRONG! Not Even In Order to Get a Chance to something that IS RIGHT!) I wish I had heeded that saying.

    Now, we have been married 20.75 years but I have filed for Divorce. She has violated 1 Corinthians 7:5 for over 9.8 years but is and has been sexually active with others several times weekly. She stopped going to church and leaves unmistakable evidence of what she is doing for our 4 teenage sons to see and talk about with their buddies at school, and she has taught the boys to disrespect and disobey me.

    One of your early statements in the article about dating was to the effect of not to be too willing to allow your wife to do things she shouldn't. YOU are so VERY RIGHT. Making the mistake you advised against, cost me dearly!

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    Samuel Meriwether Smith

    I forgot to mention that I brought out a "Second Completely Revised Edtion" of my book in 1989 and it, too is now out of print, but is online through the The chapter links shown apparently do not work, but click on the picture of the book cover and a PDF formatted copy should come up. But the layout was supposed to make four pages of the book on one sheet of paper per side and somehow the page numbers got mixed up. I will have to reload it, but have already set it up a little larger format and single pages, so I can send you several emails with several individual pages each if you are interested. Also FREE.

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    Deian Ivanov

    Hi Eben,

    I am watching "Love" right now - thank you again. Great work.

    I am looking forward for your parenting programs!!!!

    Please hurry up - I don't want screw my kids too much.




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